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Founder of Marketplace USAAt the ripe old age of 75, I have now been using the Internet to buy and sell stuff fo 26 years!!!  So there isn’t a lot anyone can tell me about Ebay, Craigslist, or Facebook’s Marketplace.

As you already know all of those websites have major issues and their respective owners have refused your suggestions to change anything, so that’s what I’m going to do!


I joined Ebay in March of 1998 and thought it was the coolest thing there was, until I realized that  they were charging people “sale” fees, for items that never sold!  It’s true: if you had an item on ebay and someone bought it and refused to honor their bid, you were essentially SCREWED. Ebay not only refused to block the errant buyer, they accessed a “seller fee against YOU!!!

That’s a pretty good gig if you can pull it off, but to me it was a total rip off and I told Ebay where they could stick their phony fee and ditched the website in 2013.

Then came Craigslist.

As far as I was concerned, when Craig Newmark and his buddy Jim Buckmaster brought Craigslist to the world, the site ruled the classified ad market, which, eventually caused hundreds of small newspapers and classified ad magazines to go broke, because their classified ad revenue is what funded those companies.  Newmark’s “Craigslist” was, hands-down, the Billy Badass of the entire classified ad market.  

But it had a BIG issue: it is a website that is available to anyone in the WORLD that had access to the Internet, which made it impossible to control the scammers…..AND it simply had too may platforms to deal with:  Classifieds, dating and  the so-called “so-called media” thing.

So it was much more than “classifieds” and it (obviously) became unmanageable for the Newmark/Buckmaster team and, IN MY PERSONAL OPINION, it has become one of the worst places to advertise.

Then in the year 2000 when Newmark left his CEO position and (according to information seen on the Internet) took over 6 BILLION dollars with him, those in charge of Craigsst made it almost impossible to see the seller’s phone number and the website quickly went to hell in a hand basket!

Craigslist has now become a seller’s ghost town.  It’s pretty much worthless as a classified ad website, because it’s chock-full of scammers, spammers, phony keywords and paranoid people who refuse to put their phone number in their ads.  In it’s heyday it wasn’t unusual for me to get 2 to 5 phone calls a day on an item listed on Craigslist, but in today’s Craigslist market, I’m lucky if I get one call in 3 MONTHS!!!

So here we are now, with Mark Zuckerburg’s Facebook and what a story that is – right?

Here we have a man who started his “Facebook” “social media” website that has become home to ads offering various sexually-related items and information, to the point that one has to guess that this might very well be Zucky’s greatest source of income?  And if it isn’t then why would he allow his staff to start putting those obscene and pornographic right under the names of people who are posting homes fr sale?

I don’’t know about you, but if I listed a home for sale on Zuckerburg’s Facebook and PAID for it, I surely wouldn’t want any prospective buyer of my house to see some guy having sex with some piece of garbage, right before their eyes!!!

Not to mention the fact that he is putting those video links right under MY name, in MY ad, and he is CHARGING me to do that!!!

I think that you have the right to assume that when a man and a woman have 2 young daughters, as the Zuckerburg’s do, they would actually have some morals, but as they say: “actions speak louder than words”, and I’ll just let you draw your own conclusion to what’s in Mr. Zuckerburg’s mind.

All I know is that people in the United States need a clean, scammer-free place on the Internet where they can come, to buy, sell and find what they need and THIS is going to be that place!!!

So “Why just the United States”, you ask?

Well, just ask yourself this question:  If you have a car you want to sell, why would you want to get inquiries about it from people in Ghana, the Dominican Republic, Russia, or any other foreign country?  They’re thousands of miles away from you!!  HELLO!!!!  You KNOW they aren’t going to buy your car. so go ahead and tell me, what ARE they,  scammers?  Yeah, that would be my best guess!

Or, how about those pretty, low mileage cars that the “seller” has posted 10 or 12 times, with the ridiculously-low price of just $1000?  And how long will they be on Zuckerburg’s Marketplace, until he finally takes them off?

O how about all those obscene, pornographic, sexually-explicit videos you see on Facebiook Marketplace?  Is THAT what YOUR kids, grand kids neighbor’s kids, or other youngsters to be subject to seeing when they go to Facebook?

If you’re fed up with all the trash, scammers, spammers, sexual deviates and other idiots you see on most of the other ad sites, I have BIG news for you!  

There IS a better way to make and manage a classified ad website and THAT is EXACTLY what I am going to do!!! I’m going to create a classified ad website for YOU,  that even you will be proud of!  It will be closely monitored by the best people I can find, and those people are YOU!!

YOU are the ones who will have access to a link on every ad on this website that will connect you with me, or someone on my staff, who will take interest in your report and deal with it immediately, Threats to buyers or sellers, pornography, fraud, excessive or irrelevant “keywords”, multiple postings in our “free” ads sections will NOT be tolerated and there will be a link on every ad ion this website so you can report that ad to us!

But the big change here is, the cost!

Ebay, Craigslist, Facebook and all the rest are FREE, so it’s not difficult to understand why they are full of scammers, because there’s no deterrent to them being there!!
MarketplaceUSA.com will require you to pay a $5.00 fee for your LIFETIME membership to the site!

MarketplaceUSA.com is going to be a members-only classified ad website. It’s going to be community full of people with one of three things on their mind: to buy something, to sell something, or to look for something that they need.

Most of the items you need to sell will be free to list, but some of them will require a small fee, but it will be cheaper than any newspaper would charge you.

You can pay for your ads with your VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER card, OR AMEX card.

NOW, my friends, is the time to change all of that, because your new website is being constructed as I write this and in a short time your Internet selling and buying experience will be turned back about 20 years, as you navigate through your new website and see how much better, buying and selling on the Internet can really be!

Finally, there will be classified ad website that cares about it’s members!  Finally, there is a  classified ad website that welcomes your help in policing the site!

It is my intention to make MarketplaceUSA.com the safest, friendliest and most secure, classified ad website in the USA!  Unlike Craigslist and Facebook, MarketplaceUSA.com will be the only ad site on the Internet that encourages people to openly communicate, so they can buy, sell and look for whatever they need.  

- No stupid messages.
- No more “Is this still available?” Facebook garbage!!
- And no more wondering if the seller is ever going to get back to you!

It’s true – you won’t like everything you have to do here, but after a while, if you switch back and forth from Marketplace USA.com to any of the other ad sites, you will agree that we really nailed this one for you!!  

So how will you place a MarketplaceUSA.com ad?


Once you have uploaded your photos and written the text portion of your ad, we will automatically make you ad visible to everyone within 60 miles of your GPS location.  You will NOT have to put your ad in 10 other locations in order to achieve that, and if you do so, you will be charged for placing those additional ads!!!  

Police the spam!

You’ve seen them on almost all of the other ad sites: Those  jerks that think they have to post their ad 5, or 10 times in order to get them seen?  M Well with your help you won’t see them here because YOU will have the ability to blow them off the website with a simple mouse-click!

So please know that It is NOT your privilege to irritate people by placing 12 ads for the same thing, but if a buyer wants to extend their search distance to find your item, they will be able to do that.

Those additional ads of yours eat up space on our servers and they simply are NOT necessary.

REMEMBER: THIS WEBSITE IS DIFFERENT!  When you place an ad on MarketplaceUSA.com it will automatically be seen by other members who are up to 60 miles away from you, so there is no need to act foolish by crowding the site with multiple ads for the same item and we will NOT tolerate that.

If you violate these policies we will charge you for your additional and unnecessary ads!

So how will you respond to a MarketploaceUSA.com ad?  


1. After setting your search distance, (which can be set as
far as the entire USA!!!) when you see something that you want to buy, just click on the “Call The The Seller” button and  we will automatically respond to you with the seller’s phone number!  There will be no “Captcha” or other garbage necessary!  Why?  Remember - this is going to be a member’s only website and that allows us to control who will see any of your personal information….and when they see it and respond to you, we will also know who responded to you!

3. Call the seller….set up a time to see the item….then buy it, or don’t buy it – the choice of course is yours!

4. And I strongly suggest that you pick a well-lit, public spot for your meeting, to ensure your personal safety: police station, grocery store, etc.  When I’m going to a place I know nothing about I always call a friend and tell them where I’m going and give them the seller’s address and phone number, so the cops will have the information necessary to track me down if they don’t hear from me later!

4. And think about this one: I want to make it possible so that when you post your phone number in your ad, no one but another member will see it.    

Think about it: When was the last time a scammer sent you his phone number?  EXACTLY!!!

Remember the newspaper classifieds?  
1. Call the paper.
2. Place your ad, WITH your phone number.
3. Your ad is published in the newspaper for the following day’s delivery to their subscribers.
4. Then you take calls from buyers and sell your item!

MarketplaceUSA.com is going to be “newspaper easy”, and it’s my promise to you that you’re going to enjoy the hell out of this new place to buy and sell !!

Buying or selling stuff on the Internet does NOT have to be aggravating, or difficult, you just need to come to the right website!


To avoid the possibility that someone isn’t being honest, we will setup our phone number relay system so it will identify the location of the seller’s phone number and provide that information to you as well.  IE: “The seller’s name is John and he is from Walnut. Illinois. His phone number is: 815-555-1212.

Your real name and your complete address will never be accessible to anyone, without a subpoena!!

If you want to use a bogus “user” name that’s quite alright, as long as we have your correct name in your registration.  Doing that will also help us protect your identity.

You will NOT have to give anyone your email address, with which they could hack your account and collect all sorts of personal information about you.  

You will also have access to a Email-relay system which will make it possible to send photos to someone, THROUGH our system, which will further protect your identity and personal safety!

If the seller refuses to respond to your phone call in a short time there is always a reason for that:  The seller might be busy at his job or he might just not have time for your call at that moment, so please consider that possibility and leave him a message.  

Scammers communicate via email. Honest people use a phone!  If you see a violator, contact us and we WILL deal with them!  Our Customer Service email link will be accessible in every ad you see on MarketplaceUSA.com.

So if your in Chicago, Illinois and looking at an ad on the “Chicago” MarketplaceUSA.com page and our system identifies the seller’s phone number as one in Atlanta, Georgia, there IS a reason for that,  we just have to figure out what that reason is, and there will be a contact (Flag) button on every ad, so you can click on it and let us know what you found, and we will WILL deal with him and get back to you.

But, if they ask you for your email address DON’T ANSWER THEM, THEN CONTACT OUR STAFF IMMEDIATELY.

You will NEVER have to use your email address to send anyone a message or photo on MarketplaceUSA.com.

Remember – Anyone who isn’t a member will NOT be able to access the website.

If all of that isn’t worth a measly $5.00 to you, then there’s probably no hope for you and you’ll probably be a lot happier seeing ads for sexual garbage on Facebook’s Marketplace, or getting an invoice from Ebay, because some doofus bought your car, but never paid you for it, or having to deal with Craigslist’s incessant use of their stupid “Captcha” garbage, just to see the seller’s phone number, which probably isn’t even there!

NONE of that garbage will be on MarketplaceUSA, so you won’t have to put up with any of it!

How to make a website secure by eliminating just ONE word!

Here is the big Kahuna!!! It’s the ONE thing some of you were hoping that I would never say! But it is crucial to the security of this website and the security of everyone on it:

It’s true people:  Not everyone who uses a Gmail email address is a scammer, but almost every scammer uses a Gmail address. Because of that fact, MarketplaceUSA.com will NOT permit the use of a “Gmail” email address on our website. I truly feel that with that improvement, we can eliminate over 85% of the scammers who try to invade YOUR security!

I’m confident that with that ONE policy, we can keep this a scammer-free place to do business for everyone!  

Isn’t that what you want?  Of course it is!

If you come to MarketplaceUSA.com to look at gross, obscene and pornographic images, videos and advertisements, GO AWAY, GO BACK TO FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE, because you won’t see them here and if you do, YOU will have the right and the ability to permanently BLOCK that member from this website!  

But if you abuse that privilege YOU will also be blocked!

In the USA our Constitution guarantees us the right to Freedom of Speech.  Here at  MarketplaceUSA.com you will regain that right, but if you harass or threaten anyone one on this website you will be blocked from using it and we will contact your local Police to report your actions.

If you have an idea that will improve the site I might even pay you for that idea – unlike the other website owners, who couldn’t care less about what you think!

I want you to feel like this is YOUR website. I want YOUR input, just like I welcome YOUR friendly criticism.  

I first got on the Internet in 1996 and joined Ebay in March of 1998 and I have seen the rise AND fall of Ebay, Craigslist and now, Facebook’s Marketplace. Zuckerburg’s “META”stock has lost over 70 BILLION dollars from what it was a year or so ago.  

With YOUR help I will do anything legal and ethical to make you a permanent member of MarketplaceUSA.com and put my competition in the dirt, but that isn’t going to be too difficult, because they’ve pretty much put themselves in the dirt, by treating YOU like dirt: Mishandling your money (Paypal); Wrongly blocking you from their site. Allowing people to post ads that are disgusting, or scammy, or violate their rules (Marketplace); Allowing the use of dozens, even thousands of “keywords” that have absolutely NO relevance to whatever is being sold. (Craigslist).

With YOUR help none of that will happen here.

I am a realist, but I’m not expecting everyone to love each other here, but I will NOT tolerate anyone threatening anyone else on this website, because the other person said that they are asking too much for their item.

I WANT YOUR BUSINESS!!  I want  MarketplaceUSA.com to become the most popular classified ad website in the United States!

If you’re a scammer, GO AWAY.  It is NOT going to work for you here!

Think about it - If you think it’s cute to put 1200 “keywords” in your ad and barrage our servers with your stupidity, we have your credit card info and you WILL be charged for it!

If you threaten a buyer or seller, make NO mistake about it, we WILL block you from the site and we WILL report you to the appropriate police agency.

Our members come here for ONE reason – to have a clean, friendly and safe place to buy, sell and search for what they need, and THAT is what we are going to give them.

As this website grows I’m going to need help to keep it functioning.  With that in mind, it’s my promise to you that I will endeavor to hire ex-offenders, the disabled and our Veterans, so that they can have a good job with a REAL company that REALLY cares about them.  

I have a real love for kids. My heart goes out to each and every one of them, and seeing the St. Jude’s and Shriner’s TV commercials never ceases to bring tears to my eyes.

So with that in mind here is my gift and my promise to them, from YOU:

From all of the revenue that MarketplaceUSA.com generates, I will donate at least 2 1/2% of our GROSS income to EACH of those two hospitals, so they can continue to help our kids have happy,  productive and painless lives.  As my website grows that percentage will also grow.

Thanks for reading what I plan to do here. Sign up NOW and become a member of the first classified ad website in the USA that actually cares about you, AND our kids.

PASS THE WORD.  There’s a new kid In Town!!!

It’s MarketplaceUSA.com!!!

We are YOUR classified ad website!!!


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